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The favored SMG, the AK74u, has been built-in into Warzone.,, although the SMG class has been dominated by the MAC-10 for over a month now. For any close-range Call of Duty: Warzone gamers uninterested in utilizing the identical gun in all their matches, there’s a legitimate different within the AK-74u.

Beneath I’ll clarify what setup you’ll must get essentially the most out of the AK74u in Warzone.

Methods to unlock the AK-74u and stats
Weapon Class smg
Reload Time 2.5 sec
how to unlock  you simply must hit level 19 whereas taking part in Warzone or Black Ops Cold War

best AK74u loadout in Warzone

Listed below are the perfect attachments for the AK74u in Warzone.

ak47 u  class

Muzzle GRU Suppressor
Barrel 10.3 Task Force
Rear grip GRU Elastic Wrap
Underbarrel Spetsnaz Grip
Ammunition VDV 50 rrc fast mag

best NICKMERCS AK-74u class

Listed below are the attachments NICKMERCS used to dominate Warzone with the AK-74u.

Nick constructed this AK-74u for speed at close range, with a large magazine to take out a number of enemies directly. He paired it with Modern Warfare’s Kilo 141, which has remained essentially the most highly effective Assault Rifle in Warzone.

  • Muzzle: Spetsnaz Compensator
  • Stock: No Stock
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Grip
  • Rear Grip: Spetsnaz Field Grip
  • Ammunition: 50 Round VDV Fast Mags
best CARV.2 class & loadouts in warzone
NICKMERCS AK-74u class
NICKMERCS AK-74u class

Best AK74u loadout with Perks and Equipment


  • E.O.D
  • Amped
  • Overkill


  • Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor
  • Lethal: Grenade
Secondary weapon

For this class, I’d suggest taking the Overkill Perk and equipping an assault rifle or sniper rifle to present you lengthy range choices. For those who’re after one of Cold War’s choices the mp7 or the Krig ought to serve you effectively on the assault rifle entrance. You can also’t go improper with the  Swiss K31  for these crispy long range headshots.

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