Alien Infestation MASTERCRAFT Bundle
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Each cod:Cold War & Warzone gamers can now soar into the in-game store and get an otherworldly skin for his or her weapons, referred to as the Alien Infestation bundle. You can buy this bundle at a price of 2400 Cp from the store. According to the video tutorial below that you see on the Warzonei.

If you’d like your weapons lined within the unusual arms of an alien creature, you’ll not hesitate to spend some money on this new skin bundle. The Alien Infestation bundle even brings its personal method of reloading, which makes it extra distinctive in comparison with different choices available within the store
This bundle is the most special skin for the M16 and mp5 weapon.

If you do not have the CP to buy Alien Infestation Bundle, you can use the EARN FREE CP IN WARZONE

bundle Items:

  • Incubator – Tactical Rifle  m16 blueprint skin
  • Sterilizer – Submachine Gun mp5 blueprint
  • Infected Ship – Charm
  • Exploratory – Vehicle Skin
  • Lifecycle – Emblem
  • Life Reading – Watch
  • Tombstone – Vehicle Horn
Alien Infestation MASTERCRAFT Bundle
Alien Infestation MASTERCRAFT Bundle

price: 2400 cp


Description in cod tracker

Embark on a forever voyage with the Tracer Pack: Alien Infestation Mastercraft Bundle. Note: the Blueprints feature Yellow Tracers, Acidic Dismemberment, and comes with Toxic Elemental damage in Zombies Modes. Note: this Bundle includes a Functional Heart Rate Tracker.

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