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best pkm loadout and class setup in warzone

PKM loadout

PKM loadout in Warzone is shown here. The PKM warzone was forgotten by many players in Warzone. If we go back to the early days, it was such a classic game for LMG players.

Some players have continued to bring assault guns for their long-range fix. If we visit it again recently, this thing is still a wild killer at range. Even if you are such a good shooter, you still can challenge your bowmen.

Therefore, here is the best PKM loadout and also PKM setup in Warzone. The best PKM class setup is shown besides PKM loadout. The PKM is such a LMG without frills. When you imagine that you play a game with an LMG, this is just what you imagine.

weapon PKM
weapon class LMG
how to unlock pkm ? available

The best PKM loadout in Warzone

best pkm class in warzone
Muzzle Monolithic Suppressor unlock level 58
Laser Tac Laser lvl 54
Optic VLK 3.0x Optic lvl 11
Stock FSS Close Quarters Stock lvl 36
Rear Grip Stippled Grip Tape lvl 25

Therefore, here is the lowest rate of your PKM attachments. The Monolithic Suppressor has been the same as always an absolute silly one without any brains.

The longest one that is available is Barrel that has an important role in maximizing the range and accuracy of your PKM. The Snatch Grip can sort out that recoil control and will help you to aim down the sights faster. Tac Laser will increase the speed of your ADS and will also keep your goal steadier with a little drawback.

The VLK 3.0x Optic is a great level of magnification with a very neat sight.


The best perks for PKM

The best perks for PKM are perk 1 is EOD that is one of the best choices for perk slot one. Perk 2 is overkill/ghost that is important for your second ideal. But if you had it before, then Ghost is very useful for you. Perk 3 is Amped is the best choice for the PKM, because when you use slow LMG, changing weapons becomes very vital. Lethal is Proximity Mine that can warn you when you’re getting flanked and when you hurt the enemies.

Tactical is a Heartbeat Sensor that can allow you to release the non-ghosted enemies, which can be a real quick difference between life or death.

Alternative weapons

If you want to maximize your impression in Verdansk 84, here we show you many ways to deck out your PKM. This is one of the best PKM loadouts. It has a very high accuracy, does a lot of damage, and it has all the things that you need for a strong LMG game. The only problem that it has is its reload time. So, be sure that you play this in your gameplay and use SMG to have a quick switch and also to fire with. You can also use reload cancelling. By changing ammo number, you can immediately switch weapons as soon as you can, instead of waiting for the animation to run out. For your ranged prowess, you can definitely go with SMG as a secondary. But specific favourite weapons are such as the lc10 and MP5, but it is actually up to you depending on your feelings.

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