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A good sniper is only as good as his sniper rifle, and we want for all of you sharpshooting breath-holding gods out there to be the best. So, without further ado, here’s the best sniper rifle in Warzone that turns you into a long-range fighting master.


  1. AX-50

Coming in at number five and in unison across all major Warzone channels, the AX-50 has consistently performed at the same level throughout the BR’s history. Not only is it ubiquitously stable across patches, but it’s also almost among the top bullet-velocity snipers in the game.

AX-50 class
best AX-50 loadout
Muzzle Monolithic Suppressor
Barrel 32.0″ factory barrel
Laser Tac laser
Stock singuard Arms Assassin
Rear Grip stippled Grip Tape
  1. HDR

A remarkably similar sniper class to the AX-50, making picking it up a personal choice. The HDR is more potent than the AX-50 in across-the-map shootouts and has swapped raw power for some other properties like mobility and faster ADS.

HDR loadout
best HDR loadout
Muzzle Monolithic Suppressor
Barrel 26.9 HDR pro
Laser Tac laser
Stock FATC Stalker Scout
Perk presence of mind


  1. Pelington 700

An abundance of discussion goes to deciding the Pelington or the “SP-R-800” for the third spot. Still, in our eyes, the Pelington is not only one of the best snipers in Verdansk84 but actually one of the best guns in Warzone for any player.

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It has excellent ADS, one-shot potential, and it’s the right gun for aggressive players.

Pelington 703 class
best Pelington 703 class


Muzzle Wrapped Suppressor
Barrel 27.2 Combat Recon
Optic Royal & Kross 4x
Stock Raider Pad
Ammunition 7 Rnd

The second Cold War sniper on our list, TUNDRA, has the best bullet velocity out of the others.

The glint is nowhere-to-be-found, which makes this perfect for sneaky shots.

The hardship of quickscoping with this gun is compensated with the hard-hitting one-shot potential that makes it a reliable choice.

tundra loadout
best tundra loadout
Muzzle Wrapped Suppressor
Barrel 29.1″ combat Recon
Underbarrel Patrol Grip
Stock SAS combat Stock
Ammunition Fast mag
  1. KAR98K

The KAR98 is the perfect balance of mobility, one-shot headshot, and bullet velocity. It’s a lightweight marksman gun straight from the Cold War grounds, and it’s the slightly better-adjusted spin-off for the SP-R-800. The overall feeling of handling the KAR98 is nothing short of excellent. Sniping people off their parachutes is a must with the best sniper rifle in Warzone.

kar98 loadout
best kar98 loadout

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
Barrel: Singuard Custom 27.6″
Laser: Tac Laser
Optic: Variable Zoom Scope
Stock: FTAC Sport Comb

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What is the 3 top best sniper in warzone ?

1- KAR98K 2-TUNDRA 3-Pelington 700 top 3 best sniper in warzone.

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