Best Vargo 52 loadout for Warzone Pacific & Rebirth 2022

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Vargo 52, a weapon that in the real-life named VAHAN, is the Vanguard season 3 gift for the players, but this time as a BOCW weapon, not a WW2 weapon. So we have a brand new assault rifle that stands among the most powerful rifles, like his old bigger brothers Xm4 and AK-47 BOCW. Fast, powerful, and functional; let’s make it even better with our custom best Vargo 52 Loadout in warzone and rebirth.

Vargo 52 is a Soviet/American weapon designed and used after WW2; this weapon is mostly known as VAHAN in real life. This weapon is not a heavy gun and can even be used alongside a sniper rifle. Good fire Damage alongside good mobility is two bold features of this weapon that made that one of the most popular Assault rifles in the Pacific Caldera.

We tried to make this weapon faster and more potent while choosing the attachments, so you would actually carry a killing machine and run around with a beast that we call Vargo 52.

now let’s take a look and analyze the best Vargo 52 setup, perks, and alternative weapons.


Best Vargo 52 loadout & class in call of duty: warzone

In the table below you can see the best class for Vargo 52 rifles that you can use in Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard.

Muzzle GRU suppressor
Barrel 18.6″ Taskforce
Optic Axial Arms 3x
Mags Spetsnaz 60 RND
Underbarrel Spetsnaz grip


Muzzle: GRU suppressor

Sound suppression is the first reason for choosing this muzzle; next than other features of that like reducing vertical recoil, improving bullet velocity, and effective damage range are impressing and making us choose this muzzle.

Barrel: 18.6″ Taskforce

this barrel also would improve bullet velocity, which is helpful for far-range conflicts; it also reduces horizontal and vertical recoil alongside improving damage range.

Optic: Axial Arms 3x

just an optic with a good zoom level and sight picture.

Mags: Spetsnaz 60 RND

good ammo capacity with least possible ADS decreasing.

Underbarrel: Spetsnaz grip

improves sprinting move speed and horizontal recoil control.


JGOD Vargo 52 loadout

A famous streamer called JGOD has also introduced the weapon (Vargo 52) NO-recoil, which you can see in the YouTube video of this streamer.


Best Vargo 52 sniper support loadout

You can also use the Vargo 52 weapon as a sniper rifle.
We have also written the best Vargo 52 class for you as a sniper.



Vargo 52 Experience

as we before experienced FFAR-1 and GRAU, I can say this weapon actually feels like that and is a light assault rifle that you can use for both close-range and far-range battles. This weapon is not such a big size, and this cause that you can quickly move with that while it is more powerful than an SMG rifle. But mostly, people prefer to use assault rifles for mid and far-range battles, and fortunately, this gun is great for that sort of usage.


Best Warzone Vargo 52 loadout Perks & Equipment

Here you can see the best Perk Vargo 52 weapon blades that you can use in the Pacific.


Perk1: E.O.D

take lesser damage from non-killstreak explosions and fires.

Perk2: Restock

recharge lethal and tactical over 50 seconds.

Perk3: Spotter

see enemy equipment field upgrades behind the walls. Also, you can hack them and mark them for your teammates.

Lethal: Thermit

tactical: Stun grenade


Best alternatives to Warzone STG44

in the first look, this weapon really is similar to the GRAV weapon, and also has some similarities in function with that, FFAR1 and Xm4 are other weapons that you can use instead of the Vargo, and among MW weapons, I can suggest GRAU that like the Vargo is great for any kind of battle. Among Vanguard guns, this weapon alternative is the AS44; both have similarities in design and function with Vargo.


How can I unlock Vargo 52 in Warzone Pacific?

To unlock the Vargo 52 weapon, you must have more than 1000 damage in 15 matches with the AR weapon.


What are the best Vargo 52 attachments?


Is Vargo 52 a good weapon in Warzone?

This weapon has special features; the most important feature is its powerful bullets with a great velocity that bring really incredible TTK. So alongside its power, this gun is not so heavy, and it’s another reason this weapon has a place in your loadout.

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