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How to gift bundle in Warzone 2021

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One time I ran into a Redditor posting about how to gift bundles with the Call of Duty Companion App to his squad. At that moment, I got hyped to know the answer since giving away battle passes is already a thing on the app, and this would make for a fun addition.
So, without hesitation, I jumped on to the comments.

I enjoyed the rows over rows of “yes” replies jazzed up with the occasional “hell yeah” comments and even some mentions educating me with a hand-written tutorial on how to gift bundles with the Call of Duty Companion App.

So, I immediately ignited my pc, flicked through the patch notes, and realized that every single one of those god-sent Redditors was telling the truth.

It’s the same as giving away the battle pass.

In October 2020, Call of Duty announced it has introduced this handy and much-appreciated feature to its smartphone Call of Duty Companion app.


I even went as far as doing it myself and sent a chilling “SAW Bundle” to a close friend. There’s nothing to say about her reaction aside from a disturbing smile and “damn that looks fresh as ice”!

That being as it may, the whole thing requires players to already have in-game “CP,” which is only available for purchase on the main activation account. At the time of this writing, that’s the case, and the Call of Duty Companion App doesn’t include this feature.

warzone gift bundle

Before moving on to learn the gift bundle through the Call of Duty Companion App, the Activision account has to be synced with the Companion app to transfer CP and friend-list updates. After the sync-up, it’s just a couple of tabs to wrap up a bundle in ribbons and send it to the squad.

Notes: It’s required for the recipient to be on the friend list for at least 7 days.

Here’s how to gift bundles using the Call of Duty Companion App:

  1. download Call of Duty Companion App | download IOs   | download android
  2. Tab the player button down-screen and choose the store tab on top.
  3. On this page, free and the newest bundles are accessible on a slider.
  4. Select the preferred bundle and hit “Gift.”
  5. Scroll to a friend from the dropdown menu.
  6. Select “Gift and Buy.”
  7. All done: a message pops up indicating that the transfer has been successful with a copy option (sent to activation account).

Call of Duty Companion App gift-giving option is available across all platforms – PS4, Xbox, and PC. Enjoy!

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