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warzone best Grau loadout & class setup in 2021

Grau loadout

Today attachments of One of the most popular assault rifles in the warzone is here. Grau; absolutely every warzone player, at least for a short time, used this assault rifle. and as I seen still 25% of warzone players use this weapon because Grau easily can hurt enemies on mid rang and far rang as the primary weapon. also with some attachments which increase its mobility this great gun easily could be a secondary weapon for snipers.

As everyone which played warzone in the first season (modern warfare season 1), Grau was the most popular weapon in-game, for almost two seasons because of its low recoil. and in the third season with the seasonal update, they nerfed this gun, they retired Grau like his older brother M4a1.

Grua, with its tiny iron sight, was an excellent choice for those kinds of players who don’t want to use optic and wanna save one attachment slot and give way  to another attachment to reduce its recoil or increase range and mobility. Also, some of the players choose this weapon for an end game loadout and set the fully loaded perk on that; with a ghost perk, they increase their chance of winning the game. Or sometimes they need ammunition easily with this loadout class, they fill assault rifles bullets.

weapon Grau
wepaon class assault rifles
how to unlock Grau? Get 5 kills in a minute when using an AR 25 times

Now I prepare a class of Grau for you and analyses that, to describe for you its details and let me show you the best grau class attachments for warzone loadout.


best Grau loadout in 2021
muzzle monolitic suppressor
barrel tempus 26’4 archangel
optic VLK 3x optic
underbarel commando foregrip
ammunition 60 round mags


First of all, for muzzle, you should set Monolithic suppressor, with its sound suppression while you are shooting enemies cant notice that exactly where you are because on their map and mini-map, there is no sign of you when you shoot and also this attachment increases the damage range of the GRAU  and its accuracy.

The second attachment is the barrel; you should set Tempus 26.4″ Archangel on the gun to increase damage range and bullet velocity to shoot enemies from the far and mid rang easily. This barrel also reduces recoil and increase accuracy.

The third one is the under-barrel; there are many choices here, but this gun hasn’t too recoil. It’s easy to control that; you can use a light under-barrel; I suggest commando fore grip that increases accuracy, damage range and control, and gives you more aiming stability to reduce aim shaking while your character breath or move.

The next attachment is ammunition, and you can set 50 or 60 rounds mag, if you are not precise and you miss many bullets while you want to kill enemies or you need extra shots, you can set 60 rounds mag, there is no such difference between these two mags but, 60 round mags reduce mobility and control more than 50 round mags.

The last attachment in this GRUA CLASS is the Vlk 3.0x optic, it increases accuracy and damage range and also gives you a good zoom level for mid and far range battels, but if you don’t like it or you shoot better with Grau Iron sight, you can choose another attachment instead of the optic. For example, suppose you need faster aiming.

In that case, you can set Tac laser on the Grau to increase  Aim down sight speed and also reduce recoil and increase mobility and accuracy, also Tac Laser increase aiming stability and aim walking steadiness, but when you are aiming with Tac laser, enemies can see your laser light.

If you need a faster gun for close-range fights or secondary weapons, you can set no stock on the Grua to increase mobility and movement speed.

My experience with new grau attachments

All in all, for far and mid-range, it’s awesome, and with an acceptable fire rate, you can easily eliminate the enemies with that; also, this GRUA ATTACHMENTS SETUP has a very low recoil which improves your aiming and easier to kill enemies, also for close rang its not excellent with a vlk optic. Still, it’s acceptable, and because of its great damage and fast aim down sight easily you can fight in the close range with this CLASS OF GRAU . in a word, I can say this gun still is one of THE BEST GUNS IN THE WARZONE.

best grau perks

best perks for use Grau

  1. Scavenger
  2. Ghost
  3. Spotter
Alternatiive weapon

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