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The Groza Assault Rifle is a closely underrated weapon to make use of in Warzone.

When you’re not conversant in this weapon, the Groza joined the cold war arsenal within the Season 1 update as half of the Battle Pass.

It is a compact assault rifle that may dominate in close-quarters conditions alongside excelling in mid-range fight.

For these seeking to check out a profitable hybrid, this might be the weapon for you.

This is the very best loadout for the Groza in Warzone.

Weapon Class Assault Rifle
Damage 30
Reload Time 2.5 sec

Groza Warzone Loadout

Based mostly on the AK-74u sub-machine gun, the Groza is a totally automated rifle that’s extraordinarily cellular and is armed with excessive injury output and a fast fee of hearth.

The quick hearth fee and excessive injury output signifies that the rifle can simply cope with some of the quick-firing SMGs inside the Warzone arsenal and because of its superior injury vary, it’s a viable alternative when in a mid-range skirmish.

Whereas the Groza thrives in near mid-range engagements, it does fall brief at longer distances the place different assault rifles excel.

With some attachments outfitted, the Groza can carry out a lot better at long-distance however with so many to pick within the Gunsmith, what are the very best attachments to make use of?

how to Groza Unlock?

The Season 1 assault rifle by reaching Tier 30 within the Season 1 Battle Pass or for kill 3 or extra gamers with out dying, utilizing Assault Rifles, in 15 completely different matches.

We would advocate enjoying Plunder as you are extra prone to run into clusters of gamers and even Rebirth Island Resurgence.

You should definitely end your matches in any other case the problem development is not going to rely!

NICKMERCS Warzone  Groza loadout

In the event you’d prefer to check out the Groza for your self, listed here are the attachments NICKMERCS runs with this highly effective Assault Rifle.

  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel: 16.5″ CMV Mil-Spec
  • Stock: KGB Pad
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Grip
  • Ammunition: VDV 50 Rnd Fast Mag


These attachments mixed vastly enhance the Groza’s velocity, with a buff to vary, to make the Groza compete with widespread close-range decisions such because the MAC-10 or Milano 821.

Best Warzone  Groza class


  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel: 16.7″ VDV Reinforced
  • Stock: KGB Pad
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Speedgrip
  • Ammunition: VDV 60 RND Quick Magazine

This Groza’s main power is the injury it may well deal. The attachments on this loadout will give attention to giving {that a} additional enhance, whereas additionally bettering the weapon’s efficient injury vary and recoil management.

Best FARA 83 loadout in Warzone and cold war


The GRU Suppressor is a obligatory attachment for the Groza. Not solely will your silenced photographs be hidden from the radar and mini-map, however you’ll additionally see a large enhance to bullet velocity, injury vary, and recoil management.


To additional enhance its vary and accuracy, the 16.7″ VDV Reinforced barrel and Spetsnaz Speedgrip are glorious selections. The barrel boosts injury over vary and bullet velocity and the grip lets you preserve the recoil beneath management, making touchdown higher torso and headshots a lot simpler.

By utilizing the Groza’s clear iron sights, you’ll be able to take benefit of one other attachment slot. We’ve opted for the KGB Pad inventory to vastly enhance your mobility. You’ll be capable to get your weapon up a lot faster and be additionally strafe-shoot a lot sooner, making your self a tougher goal to hit.

To spherical out this loadout, the VDV 60 Rnd Fast Mag will can help you take out a number of targets with out having to reload. Because it’s a quick magazine, you’ll additionally be capable to reload shortly, retaining you within the battle with out getting caught out by a prolonged journal change.

Best perks for Warzone Season 2 Groza

Best-Grau-loadout perk

  • Perk 1: E.O.D
  • Perk 2: Overkill then Ghost
  • Perk 3: Amped

The Groza is best at medium vary, which suggests you received’t be secure from grenades and different explosives thrown your manner. With E.O.D outfitted, you’ll be capable to survive a number of explosives, which is important to staying alive in Warzone.


You’ll wish to pair the Groza with one other weapon fitted to both excessive long-range, such because the HDR, or an SMG for up-close. Overkill will can help you take two main weapons, then you’ll be able to seize Ghost out of your subsequent loadout, concealing you from UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors.

And to be sure you can swap between these weapons quickly, it’s best to equip Amped within the third slot.


Groza Best Attachments For Cold War

  • KGB Eliminator (Muzzle)
  • 16.5” Gru Composite (Barrel)
  • Spetsnaz Grip (Underbarrel)
  • Serpent Grip (Handle)
  • KGB Pad (Stock)

This mix of attachments reduces the degrees of recoil to nearly non-existent ranges; it is way more manageable which makes the Groza much more correct at vary with a robust punch to match.

Best Warzone Kar98k loadout, class, setup attachments

The barrel choice will increase injury to extend its lethality whereas the addition of the KGB Pad makes the Groza one of essentially the most cellular weapons within the recreation.

groza cold war

Groza: An SMG/AR hybrid rifle


To essentially make this a powerful SMG different, strive equipping the 16.5″ CMV Mil-Spec barrel, the Steady Aim Laser, and the CQB Pad.

This offers you a large number of mobility and suppleness to react quick to oncoming enemies, however on the price of vary.

Groza Class
  • M16

Even with reduced recoil, the Groza still lacks in efficiency at long range,

So as to add some type of steadiness to the loadout, we chosen the M16 Tactical Rifle to get the higher hand over the opposition at longer distances.

  • Semtex

The power to throw a Semtex sooner than a frag grenade makes it a well-liked choice for those who discover themselves within the warmth of the motion.

The power to stay it to varied objects and gamers provides one other layer of versatility to at least one of the most well-liked items of equipment in Black Ops Cold War.

  • Stun Grenade

The stun grenade is the proper instrument to acquire intel on an enemy position.

Throw it round a nook and in case you are notified of a shocked enemy, shortly rush them to take them down with the Groza in hand.

  • Jammer

And not using a suppressor hooked up to the Groza or secondary weapon, concealing your place can show to be difficult.

Equip the Jammer to dam any enemy minimaps that step inside a particular space to give you a chance to flee the jaws of dying or to make a sneaky play with out the opposition realising.

  • Flak Jacket
  • Ghost
  • Ninja

This mix of perks provides to this loadout in a mess of methods.

Flak Jacket gives some much-needed resistance to enemy explosives, whereas the mixture of Ghost and Ninja lets you keep hidden from opposition Spy Planes when on the transfer and reduces your footsteps to near-silent ranges.

  • Law Breaker

By deciding on the Lawbreaker wildcard, you will have the flexibility to make use of two main weapons in the identical loadout alongside the flexibility to equip a number of perks from the identical class.

That is perfect for fine-tuning this Groza loadout to fit your style of play.

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