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How to enable & play 120 fps on warzone ps5

120 fps warzone

Warzone Season 4 had many giant unanticipated surprises that shook the whole community. However, probably the biggest of all is the new 120Hz settings released for console (PS5) players.

YES! They finally have something to go toe-to-toe with the self-proclaimed master-race pc gamers; 120 frames per second video output.

Although the hardware requirements for such a game-changing announcement should be met, and players have to turn on the proper settings, it’s still something big.

How to enable 120 fps / 120Hz on Warzone PS5

The first step starts with updating the game. Once updated, the video settings should automatically shift to 120 fps. And from there, it’s a smooth transaction to a more realistic picture.

Sometimes, the settings will not be changed, and you have to do it manually. To do so, follow the exact route below:

  1. Go to the PS5 console settings.
  2. Go to the screen and video settings.
  3. Select the video output.
  4. At the very bottom, ensure 120Hz output mode is set to automatic.
  5. Head back to the main system settings.
  6. Select saved data and game/app settings.
  7. Go to game presets.
  8. Select performance mode under performance mode or resolution mode to “performance mode.”

Now you’re set to enjoy the battlefield in the stunning 120fps video setting. If you’re running into errors still, make sure that HDR mode is off, which usually is.

Keep in mind that only a monitor with “HDMI 2.1 Support” written on its service can run the game on 120fps. If the monitor doesn’t support the HDMI, change the monitor resolution to 1080p.

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