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How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication call of duty warzone

2fa Activision warzone

first of all, for Gifting bundles andĀ  gift battel passĀ  warzone through the game store, you should activate the Activision 2Fa (two-factor authentication) to protect your account and enable in game gifting ability. It also gives you two 1 hour double battle pass XP tokens.

How To Enable 2FA For Call Of Duty Activision

  1. go to
  2. click on the login option
  3. enter the same Email info that you used in Warzone
  4. now your account name is visible, click on that and open basic info
  5. now, from the left side options, open the privacy and security tab and then click on Enable two Factor Authentication
    • (The COD website would send a code to your Email, and you should enter that in the COD website.)
  6. step6: do the rest of the steps according to introduction. And while you see this message, it means that now you can gift bundles in Warzone for your friends
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