How to Get Horsemen of the apocalypse bundle in warzone

horsemen of the apocalypse bundle warzone

This skin is called war and is for operator Roland. It’s a part of a bundle called the horsemen of the apocalypse. This bundle is 2400 cod points and obviously comes with this ultra skin for Roland the seared flesh blueprint for what looks to be the as44 assault rifle and the sinful blueprint for the Owen gun.

both of these weapons come with fiery traces and volcanic dismemberment which sounds awesome and right on par with the theme of this bundle.

it also comes with the demon ram melee weapon blueprint which you can also see is used in the violent declaration finishing move, another bundle with a similar theme is the weapons of the apocalypse bundle.


All horsemen of the apocalypse bundle items

horseman of the apocalypse bundle has 10 wonderful items.
You can get horsemen of the apocalypse bundle from Call of Duty: Warzone or Vanguard store and pay 2400 cp.

war skin
seared flesh Ar gun
sinful smg gun
demon ram melee
violent declartion finishing move
bad idea highlight intro
living damnation calling card
horned horror emblem
Evil offering charm
demonic possession spary

You can also give this bundle as a gift to your friends.

Destroy your neigh-sayers with the Horsemen of the apocalypse: War ultra skin bundle. Note: this bundle features an ultra operator skin, blueprint with fiery tracers and volcanic Dismemberment, and a vanguard-only item.

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