How to Get Kim Tae Young bundle in Cod: warzone

kim tae young bundle

Japanese operators in the Pacific or rebirth can easily destroy their enemies.
Kim Tae Young is an interesting bundle from Japan that has been added to Call of Duty Warzone.
There are 9 items in this attractive bundle with a samurai theme and a Japanese design.

Stg-44 and SVT-40 weapons look more beautiful with these two weapon skins.


Kim Tae Young bundle Items

Spirit Realm Legendary operator skin
Demonic  Legendary weapon
Spiritual Possession Legendary weapon
Goblin Stare Legendary calling card
Past Problem Legendary emblem
Fearsome Hunger Epic sticker
Unarmed Assault Epic operator MVP highlight
Double XP Token Legendary consumable
Voice of the People Rare operator quip

The price of Kim Tae Young bundle is 2400 cp and you can buy it to unlock this bundle from warzone or Vanguard store

Don the mask of the dokkbaei with the Kim Tae Young Operator Bundle.

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