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Since May, and through the Call of Duty Companion App, Warzone and Black Ops fans can gift the battle pass to their friends or anyone on their friend list.

Call of Duty has built up a massive collection of unique and eye-catching skins and cosmetics for the community from its earliest days. The in-game store offers many of these much-appraised blueprints, but actually getting a battle pass enables players to fully immerse in the experience. With the battles pass, they can add new intriguing skins to their collection and enjoy the money they spent.

It takes only 1000 CoD points o fully unlock the battle pass content and bag the rewards. However, there was no way for players to involve others in their experience, at least until now: because Warzone fans couldn’t gift the battle pass to each other.

This was long overdue, and COD devs finally introduced this feature into the popular battle royale through its companion app. Through the Companion App, Call of Duty Warzone – and even Black Ops cold war- players can now gift a battle bass to a friend and pimp up their squad.

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The Step By Step Guide gift battle pass

We’ve done it ourselves, and it’s a relatively smooth and easy process to gift the battle pass to another person. That being said, you should first meet some requirements.

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The first step would be making sure that the two-step authentication process is activated on your Activision account. Secondly, the receiving end must be on your friend list for at least a week or more.

If these two requirements are taken care of, the time has come to install the Call of a Duty companion app on one of the devices your using.

From this stage forward, just follow the steps below:

  1. Finish installing the app or go to call of duty website
  2. Hop into your Activision account
  3. Open up the player tab
  4. Press the “Gift Battle Pass” button
  5. Select a friend
  6. Wait for the confirmation, and you’re done!

Afterward, the giftee will receive a Battle Pass token in their game which they need to activate. Same as buying the package themselves, they’ll begin at tier 0 and have to work their way up to tier 100 to unlock all the exclusive content and goodies!

Wasn’t too hard, was it? Follow these steps and get your squad a fancy new look that terrifies the enemy because they know you’re serious.

Harmonize your squad and have them hyped and ready to mingle. Your teammates can’t resist your invitation to a lobby with these new gifted battle passes.

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