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how to level up weapons fast in warzone ?

fast level up weapon in warzone

Warzone is one of the most popular games that many people are having fun in the game subsets today. In this article, we want to talk to you more about this game. If you are also curious to get comprehensive information about this game, we suggest you follow us to the end of this article. You will get interesting information.

Warzone game is one of the battle royal video games that have a lot of fans. This game has found a lot of fans with its subset, Call of Duty games. In the following, we are going to explain some of these games to you. Note that in Warzone, you will experience a lot of excitement. With its adventurous theme, this game conveys a good feeling to the players and has a more realistic atmosphere than other shooting games.

How to level up guns fast in warzone?

Before the start of the game, you will be provided with a small part of the weapon map for a short time, which you can eliminate your opponents before the match starts. As you kill enemies in the lobby, your gun level increases. This means that even before the start of the race, you can increase the level of your weapon by working in the lobby section, and this increase of the level is calculated in your progress system.

You can also use the Double XP event to speed up the weapon

Call of Duty games from Warzone subcategories

Note the Call of Duty game is a subset of Warzone games, which is classified as Battle Royale games. In this game, one hundred and fifty players can compete with each other and by destroying each other, they can increase their level.

Call of Duty has two parts called Battle Royale and Plunder, the first model of this game is suitable for people who are interested in games such as PUBG. In this section, the players face each other with three-person teams with a role, and after the safe zone gets smaller and smaller, we see the toughest and most breathtaking competition among these people.

But in Plunder mode, the style of the game is a little different, in which people have to open more boxes and steal more money from other players to have better quality ammunition. The Cold War game is a subset of the Call of Duty game, which includes exciting content. Some rumors have been spread about a new version of this game, which shows that the new version of this game is related to World War II.


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