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John McClane, the superstar of the action movie die hard, is now playing warzone. Here is how to unlock the action hero!

John McClane is come to Call of Duty of their 80s Action Heroes-themed Season 3 Reloaded update and we have now everything it is advisable to know in regards to the new Die Hard Operator Skin. Now we have to witness the struggle of Rambo operator with McClane in verdansk84.

First issues first… It is not truly an Operator skin! John McClane goes to totally be his personal Legendary Operator! Which means we’ll be getting some Bruce Willis voice traces from the Die Hard film to accompany our laborious dying in Verdansk ’84.

die hard Bundle & Tracer Pack

die hard bundle
die hard bundle

We do not know the precise particulars but, however we all know that his Operator Bundle will comprise the next:

  • Legendary Operator – John McClane
  • One Finishing Move
  • Legendary Tactical Rifle Blueprint
  • Legendary SMG Blueprint
  • Legendary AR Blueprint
  • Legendary Calling Card
  • Legendary Emblem
  • Epic Watch
  • Epic Weapon Charm

How To Unlock John McClane Warzone Operator and die hard bundle

John McClane skin
John McClane skin in warzone
  1. Launch Warzone or call of duty Black Ops Cold War
  2. go to the Store
  3. Buy the DIE HARD Bundles
  4. Choose the John McClane skin
You can with this tutorial (HOW TO GIFT BUNDLE IN WARZONE 2021). Give this bundle as a gift to your friends.

how to buy john mcclane skin in warzone?

1-start warzone 2-go to the Store 3-Buy the DIE HARD Bundles 4-Choose the John McClane operator and enjoy game

Method to Unlock Price 84’ Skin in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

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