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best M4A1 loadout & class setup in warzone 2021

m4a1 loadout

When we are talking about M4A1, every player who played the COD warzone from the first season effortlessly remembers M4A1’s golden days. surly season one was the best days of the M4A1 presence in Warzone. This weapon always will Be among the choices, even after its nerfing in the second season, because this gun is an acceptable choice for far and mid ranges .and easily hurt enemies even in far ranges. Thus, M4A1 Is a popular weapon among gamers. But why? I think because of some reasons like this gun’s low recoil and its quiet firing sound.

And in Warzone, this gun has acceptable mobility with low recoil, good firepower, and enough fire rate.

We prepared a perfect M4A1 CLASS for you. Next, I will analyze this SETUP OF M4A1 show you how amazing this gun is.

weapon M4A1
weapon class AR
how to unlock m4A1 ? level 1

m4a1 warzone loadout

best m4a1 class setup
muzzle monolithic suppressor
barrel Corvus Custom Marksman
Optic PBX Holo 7 sight
under barrel commando foregrip
Ammunition 50 round mags


The first attachment is the muzzle, for that which we suggest the monolithic suppressor. It helps you hide your gunfire sound from the enemies, as I already explained in the GRAU SETUP CLASS. And as you know, this suppressor is the best muzzle for the MW GUNS. This suppressor also increases your gun’s damage range and accuracy, but it has some weak points like reduction in mobility and control.

For barrel, we suggest Corvus Custom Marksman. It makes your gun more powerful and increases bullet velocity and accuracy, which are useful when you want to engage in a far-range battle. Also, this barrel reduces the gun’s recoil but also reduces mobility. If you don’t care about your weapons’ mobility, you can also select the stock M16 Grenadier, which is a little more powerful than the Corvus Custom Marksman. Still, this one reduces mobility more than our suggested barrel (Corvus Custom Marksman).

The third attachment is Optic; we suggest PBX HOLO 7 Sight. If you already opened BLUE DOT Reticle, you should set that on your gun, but if you haven’t, that Reticle and can’t kill enemies in far ranges. So, I suggest you use Vlk 3.0 X optic. It gives you a higher zoom level and better aiming for distance.

The next attachment is the under-barrel; commando foregrip is a light under-barrel that reduces recoil and increases range and accuracy. This gun hasn’t an uncontrollable recoil, and there is no need to set a heavy under-barrel on that. Still, if you are an amateur player, you can put merc or Ranger foregrip on your Guns, but these foregrips reduce aim down sight speed and mobility and make you Slow.

The last attachment is AMMUNITION; 50 round mags is the Wisest choice for M4a1. Fifty bullets are enough for eliminating an enemy or even for two enemies if you don’t miss the shots. But there is no other choice, and if you select 60 round mags, it reduces more mobility and makes your gun slower.


This Class has amazing firepower and fire rate, which makes the M4A1’s low time to kill. Also, the acceptable mobility of M4A1 helps you move while shooting the enemy and easily escape from the enemy’s shoots. Of course, this gun easily kills the enemy from far ranges, but sometimes in close range, enemies who carry SMG bothering you. Therefore, it’s better to select an SMG like LC10 or MP5, or BULLFROG as your secondary weapon for close-range battles.

This is the M4A1 recoil pattern.


Best perks while you are using M4a1

  1. double time
  2. overkill
  3. Amped



If you want to use another assault rifle, you can use GRAU or Kilo 141, and if you can easily control the gun’s recoil, CR-56 AMAX is also a great choice. And if you like to play with cold war weapons, there are so many options like KRIG 6 and FARA for you.

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