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Every rusher player needs a fast secondary weapon for close battels. Some gun CLASS is good for these players, like SMG guns or Shotguns. But because of some weak points of shotguns and some reasons like a firing range, players acclaim SMG CLASS and like to rush with some quick gun with good hip-fire accuracy or a fast aim down sight time. Also, there are some other important Factors like fire rate and damage, and when any player wants to choose an SMG gun with almost all of these features, we can speak about some guns such as MAC10.

Mac 10 has been nerfed so many times, but this SMG has acceptable features to be chosen as the secondary weapon. Also, it can be a good choice as a secondary weapon for sniper players.

weapon mac10
weapon class SMG
how to unlocked mac 10? unlocked over level 15

Here we have a good MAC10 SETUP for you. First, I will analyze every ATTACHMENT OF THIS MAC 10 CLASS and then tell you how this gun will be on the battleground.

mac 10 best loadout warzone

mac10 class
this the best mac10 class in warzone
muzzle sound suppressor
barrel 5’9 task force
Stock raider stock
under barrel field agent grip
ammunition Stanag 53 RND drum


The first attachment is the muzzle: in the latest update, the sound suppressor found new features and become better than the agency suppressor. Now this muzzle is the best choice for BLACK OPS COLD WAR guns. This muzzle increases aim down sight speed, sprint to fire speed, which helps for close-range battles, improves the weapon’s mobility and increases the control and bullet velocity that allows you to engage in mid-range fights.

warzone amazing MG 82 loadout & class setup in season 4

The second one is the barrel:5.9″ task force; this barrel improves mobility and damage range and damage of your weapon and increases bullet velocity and strafe speed. But this barrel reduces accuracy and increases horizontal and vertical recoil. But still, there is no worry about that, and we will fix these problems with Stock and under-barrel.

The next one is the Stock: we suggest raider stock. This Stock has a very good effect on the mobility of the MAC10 .and mobility is the most important feature for an SMG., and this Stock helps you control your gun and reduces the recoil, but it also reduces hip-fire accuracy.

Under barrel: field agent is the best choice here, this under-barrel almost is a heavy under-barrel which reduces the recoil of MAC10 and also improves its accuracy.

Last part, ammunition: There are so many options and so many normal mags and fast mags for this part. Of course, you need at least 53 rounds to eliminate at least one person, and a gun like MAC10 with a high fire rate needs more bullets. Because if you miss for just a second, you will lose at least ten shots. So, we suggest Stanag 53 Rnd mags which only increases the ammo capacity.

mac10 stat loadout
mac10 stat


This MAC10 SETUP has truly good mobility and very quick aim down sight speed; it also hasn’t uncontrollable recoil, which helps you engage in mid-range area battels. Also, this MAC10 CLASS has acceptable accuracy, and hip-fire accuracy will allow you to move quickly and without aiming hurt enemies in close range. And there is no such difference in this gun time to kill in the mid-range and close range, and I can say this amazing SETUP easily makes you the winner in the close-range battles.

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mac10 recoil pattren class
This is the MAC10 recoil pattern


Nickmercs mac10 loudout

Nickmercs say: this best loadout for mac10

Nickmercs mac10 setup
Nickmercs mac10 setup
  • muzzle: agensy suppressor
  • barrel: 5’9 Task force
  • Stock: Wire stock
  • underbarrel: Patrol grip
  • Ammunition: Salvo 53 RND Fast mag

Best perks for MAC 10

Here we have introduced the best perk for mac10 weapons

  1. double time
  2. restock or ghost
  3. tracker or amped


  • stun grenade
  • termite or throwing knife



MAC 10 is one of the best SMGs in the Warzone. But if for any reason you need to choose another SMG as your secondary gun, still there are so many other options like LC10, MP5(COLD WAR), PPSH-41, FFAR 1, and bullfrog. If you want to try MODERN WARFARE guns, you can choose MP5, which has great hip-fire accuracy.


what is the best warzone mac10 loadout?

muzzle: sound suppressor -barrel: 5’9 task force -Stock: raider stock -under barrel: field agent grip -ammunition: Stanag 53 RND drum

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