Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle
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The latest bundle of Call of Duty Warzone with music theme is here. in Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle, you see a hot rockstar playing the piano with a FFAR  gun. The price of this bundle is  2400 CP in the game store.

All other items of this bundle are available in the text below and cod tracker

Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle
all Music Legend Bundle
FFAR 1 – Shredder
Ultra Weapon Black Ops  cold war Season 3
Amped Up – Diamatti Plug in for an encore with the Amped Up Pistol.
Wolf – Rockstar Operator Skin
Soul Searcher Watch
Center Stage Vehicle Skin
Cultural Export Calling Card
Battle Shredder Emblem
Super Disco Charm

Description: Rock the battlefield with the Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle. Note: this bundle includes a Functional Compass Watch.

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