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The Full Story of Kapano “Naga” Vang warzone :Season 2 of Black Ops cold war

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An unstable lord of chaos, rising by way of the ranks of his cartel to change into the dominant commanding pressure throughout the Golden Triangle: Loyalty to Perseus is nice for enterprise. Available within the Season Two Battle Go, that is Naga.

A former warlord who grew wealthy trafficking medication and weapons by way of the Golden Triangle, Naga is feared by his males for his mood and brutality. Recruited by Perseus to maneuver weapons of mass destruction across the globe utilizing his established narcotics provide traces, Naga thrives on chaos and dominates with ruthlessness.

The Full Story of Kapano "Naga" Vang (Black Ops Cold War Story)

That is Naga, a brand new playable Operator out there by way of the Season Two Battle Go in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™, and right here’s his story:

Full Identify: Kapano “Naga” Vang

Date of Birth: 05/29/1950

Place of Birth: Thakhek

Nationality: Lao

Faction: Warsaw Pact

Blood Sort: O+

First Language: Lao

Service: Perseus

A Brutal, Unstable Lord of Chaos

Working nicely past the rule of regulation, Naga instructions a serious narcotics and weapons cartel that operates all through the Golden Triangle, a distant border space encompassing the mountains and jungles alongside northwestern Laos.

Naga’s rise to energy has been as cruel as the person himself. Using an iron fist and 0 tolerance to any opposition, he ultimately led a bloody coup to take management of the cartel. He refers to his males as “temple canine.” Certainly, the job safety and survival of Naga’s lieutenants and subordinates is inexorably tied to their degree of sycophantic loyalty. And even that may solely go up to now, attributable to Naga’s vindictive nature.

Just lately redacted CIA information check with Naga as a “brutal son of a bitch,” who maintains his place principally out of concern. A mixture of spending an excessive amount of time within the jungle and “dipping into his personal provide” a number of too many occasions hasn’t helped his unstable emotional state.

Regardless of his insanity, Naga is an astute businessman and the true definition of a mercenary. After his recruitment by Perseus, which many of his underlings took to be purely transactional in nature, Naga understood that the guarantees Perseus made – to destroy the world order – can be exceptionally good for enterprise. Naga’s funds have by no means been higher.


image name rarity how to obtain
Sources: fandom
Viper Legendary Unlocked at Tier 0 of Season Two Battle Pass
Cobalt Legendary Operator Mission
Ashen Scale Legendary Operator Mission (Zombies)
Crimson Code Legendary Operator Mission
Rattlesnake Legendary Operator Mission
Warlord Legendary Unlocked at Tier 100 of Season Two Battle Pass
River Wraith Legendary Operator Mission
Rare Breed Legendary Operator Mission

Vicious and Venomous, New Skins Obtainable within the Battle Go

Naga is on the market as an immediately unlockable reward at Tier 0 of the Season Two Battle Go, and exhibits off his well-earned repute for brutality along with his first pores and skin – “Viper” – a fight uniform he wears whereas monitoring his eventual prey just like the slithering beast whose maw evokes his bandana.

Two Operator Missions are included at Tier 0 – one for Multiplayer and one for Zombies – that provide a complete of 4 extra skins for Naga that every include a set of 4 aims. Full all of them to obtain these extra Legendary skins: “Cobalt,” “Ashen Scale,” “Crimson Code,” and “Rattlesnake,” every impressed by one other lethal snake as deadly as this ruthless Operator.

For these unlocking Tier 100 of the Season Two Battle Go, put together for a war chest of rewards, together with three extra Operator skins. Dominate your enemies as a most-wanted “Warlord” with this mix of a ceremonial masks and gold-trimmed leather-based jacket. Then full the Operator Mission to disclose an additional two skins – the pink “River Wraith” and the tiger-inspired “Uncommon Breed” – in addition to different rewards.

No matter apparel you’re clad in as you oversee the destruction of your NATO foes throughout Multiplayer and Warzone, make sure to seize the Battle Go when Season Two launches in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone and shield the contraband routes of the Golden Triangle in any respect prices!


Naga was a former warlord and drug cartel boss whom after an influence seize, made a fortune from the trafficking of illicit narcotics and weapons within the war-torn Golden Triangle and whose authority made him feared for his repute of being brief tempered and his vindictive brutality, which led him to be recruited as a member of Perseus. Utilizing his established provide traces, Naga smuggled and distributed Nova 6 gasoline all through Laos and across the globe.

On April 19, 1984, three months after Russell Adler was taken prisoner by Vikhor “Sew” Kuzmin, a rescue crew led by Frank Woods arrived in Laos. Naga warned Sew about their arrival and confirmed that Adler was secured and was at the moment headed to him in Verdansk. Sew then ordered Naga to make the crew believed they cared about their Nova 6 provide traces.

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