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The Nuketown map is one of the preferred maps within the Call of Duty group.

The classic Nuketown map has been included in each iteration of CoD: Black Ops since its inception in 2010. With each new game, the map is modified to swimsuit the model and time-period. Black Ops Cold War’s Nuketown ’84 is 1980’s themed with retro graffiti and arcade machines

start the Nuketown ’84 Mannequin Easter Egg

you’ll have to shoot the heads off each mannequin discovered within the Nuketown ’84 map. What makes this Easter egg difficult is that you’ve solely two minutes to shoot each target, the dummies showing randomly every time you enter a match. Loading into Nuketown ’84 by way of a personal match appears to be the best means of reaching this.

Nuketown Easter Egg retro
Nuketown Easter Egg retro

This is the easy information to unlocking the retro Easter egg in Nuketown ’84 in  Black Ops Cold War.

NUKETOWN 84 Easter Egg Green


To get the green filter it’s essential to shoot each the arms and the heads of the mannequins.

green easter egg in nuketown
first shoot on arms

As soon as you have performed this efficiently, a green filter is immediately utilized with music playing within the background.

So what do you concentrate on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s new Nuketown 86 Easter egg? Tell us your ideas within the comments part under.

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