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Pelington 703 impresses, no matter where you use it. From Call of Duty Cold War to the insanely popular battle royal Call of Duty Warzone, it has gathered quite a fan base. And with such a big fuss, we have to dive into the best Pelington 703 loadouts.

For the longest time, the one-shot-potent Pelington has been ranked amongst the top 5 favorite guns in COD Cold War multiplayer, something that immediately migrated to Warzone.

In the beginning, the Pelington 703 had a tough time competing with more sought-after snipers  – aka, the Kar98 and the Swiss K31. However, as time went by and players started to warm up to the pure adrenaline rush of headshoting enemies with the bolt-action sniper rifle.

WEAPON Pelington 703
WEAPON CLASS Sniper Rifles
unlock lvl 4

Best Pelington 703 class

So, here is one of the best Pelington 703 loadouts to destroy your enemies with:

Pelington 703 class
best Pelington 703 class


Muzzle Wrapped Suppressor
Barrel 27.2 Combat Recon
Optic Royal & Kross 4x
Stock Raider Pad
Ammunition 7 Rnd

This build aims at stealth, mobility, and extending the range of the gun.

With the lunch of Warzone season 3, the Pelington 703 received some hot tunings that increased its ADS speed. Although the new higher Raise time acted as a slight counter adjustment to this buff to keep things from getting out of hand, the overall results are still convincing. As of this time, the Pelington is quick to aim down sight with, super easy to handle, and dominates mid-range skirmishes and one-on-one fights.


Here’s another Pelington loadout that improves bullet velocity and accelerates fire rate:

best Pelington 703 attachment
best Pelington 703 attachment


  • Muzzle: Infantry Stabilizer
  • Barrel: 26.5” Tiger Team
  • optic: axial arms 3x
  • underbarrel: patrol  Grip
  • ammuntion: 7 RND

Pelington 703 is a quickscoping mechanical killer in the hands of a skilled shooter who knows his way around a sniper rifle, is quick on their feet, and, more crucially, has a flawless aim. The bullet velocity is insane, and the glint’s extremely difficult to see, which creates masterpieces in the backpack of a fast marksman.

This long-range rifle also packs a nasty punch and has the power – especially with the right loadouts – to one-shot any enemy who’s stupid enough to peak. So, if you’re sure about your sniping skills, just put it on your gun list, and don’t worry about close quarters either: the Pelington 703’s ADS speed is unmatched, and with a bit of practice, you can quickscope everyone to the gulag.

Best perks for Warzone Pelington

  1. Chilly-Blooded
  2. Overkill
  3. AMPED
perk for pelington 703

Cold Blooded conceals your position from anybody equipped with thermal optics whereas.

Overkill offers you the power to pick out two main weapons which is especially helpful when utilizing the Pelington.

Amped will take away any delay in switching weapons, permitting you to remain within the fight irrespective of the state of affairs.

Best MP5 loadout & class setup in Warzone

What is the best Pelington loadout?

Muzzle: Infantry Stabilizer Barrel: 26.5” Tiger Team optic: axial arms 3x underbarrel: patrol Grip ammuntion: 7 RND - Chilly-Blooded Overkill AMPED

How to unlock the Pelington 703 in Warzone?

The Pelington 703 may be unlocked with out journeying too far into the 55 rank

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