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cod mobile operator

In the 80’s, he also came to call of Duty Mobile. Just because the Rambo operator was shown for the Warzone game, it also got here for the cod mobile game.

Each the Rambo bundles in COD: Cell ought to set you again 2400 CP. That is the common price of a Premium Bundle, which incorporates each the Operator skin and a few further goodies.

Right here is extra data on the new COD Mobile operator.

COD: Mobile Rambo bundle content

The CoD Mobile Rambo skin shall be obtainable within the Rambo Bundle. It’s going to embody an

  • Epic MLG Blueprint
  • Epic Assault Rife Blueprint
  • Epic Knife Blueprint
  • Epic Parachute
  • Avatar Icon
  • Calling Card
  • Grenade Blueprint
  • Tank Skin

and a Frame to your profile.”

method get rambo skin in cod mobile

rambo in cod mobile
rambo in cod mobile

To buy Rambo in CoD Mobile:

  1. start CoD Mobile
  2. Click on on the Store icon
  3. Buy the Rambo
  4. Equip the Operator from the Loadout menu

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