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How To Find The Ronald Raygun Easter Egg In cod: Zombies

Ronald Raygun Easter Egg In Zombies

Ronald Raygun Easter Egg In Zombies

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies followers uncover a hilarious reference to the Ronald Raygun meme, and it additionally supplies a terrific reward.

In Black Ops Cold War, the zombies are clawing their approach out of the grave and onto the “Die Maschine” and “Firebase Z” maps. There are additionally varied modes and the hyped Season two launch of Outbreak. There’s been so much of emphasis on Warzone and the overhaul of Verdansk with Season 3, however with Cold War additionally celebrating the daybreak of a brand new period, Outbreak simply added the brand new “Duga” map. Alongside “Duga”, a singular zombie has are available all weapons blazing. However simply who’s Ronald Raygun?

What’s Ronald Raygun Zombies Outbreak Easter Egg?

Posted to the official CoD Zombies subreddit, consumer 2Batou4U found this amusing secret randomly throughout a game of Cold War’s Outbreak mode.

raygan in zombie

They had been doing the same old of combating off just a few unfastened undead once they observed one thing unusual about one of the Zombies heading straight for them.

Utilizing their Pelington Sniper Rifle, the consumer zoomed in on the odd-looking enemy and observed that it differed significantly from the remaining. Not like the same old rags that the lifeless put on, this one wore a studded leather-based jacket to accompany its loopy pink mohawk.

The player promptly blew their head off and the game notified the participant of their “Ronald Raygun Critical Kill.” Not solely had the player killed a reference to former US President Ronald Reagan, however additionally they earned a free Ray Gun within the course of.


Where to find Ronald Raygun in Outbreak 

In typical Zombies style, the easter egg is a bit more convoluted than merely discovering a Zombie on the map. In the intervening time, Ronald Raygun’s look is totally as much as likelihood.

As a random spawn in Season 3, there’s an excellent likelihood it takes a number of video games for the easter egg to seem. This implies you may’t precisely hunt him down and base your run across the early Ray Gun pickup.

He might spawn in if you least count on it, so it’s at all times value protecting a watch out for the uncommon mohawk Zombie.

All we will recommend is to be extra vigilant throughout a game of Outbreak and ensure to maintain a watch out for a punk-looking Zombie.

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