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Warzone players have found another special and rare item that spawns within the secret room in Stadium which is called the Warzone Specialist bonus

After finding all three key cards and opening the ultimate door, it’s possible to search out a hidden Specialist Bonus item that grants all perks to the player who picks it up.

How to get Warzone Specialist bonus?

The Warzone Specialist bonus code gives players every class perk and each weapon perk for both weapons they need to be equipped. This provides a major advantage in gunfights and may easily help a team win a match.

The key room where the Warzone Specialist bonus perks appear is difficult to unlock, so don’t expect to work out the cod warzone specialist token in every game.

Cod Warzone Specialist perk could be revealed for a fourth secret room on the highest level of the Stadium, which contains a secret Weapon Blueprint, high-tier loot, and other unique items that can’t be found anywhere else.

Warzone Specialist token

The Warzone Specialist comes from the bonus with the identical name in Modern Warfare Multiplayer If you have been playing Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, you’ll know that Specialist may be a perk that trades killstreak rewards for the flexibility to earn extra perks with each kill.

How To Check Warzone Lobby Rank ?

Unfortunately for Warzone players, they will not be able to jump into the mode with this perk equipped. But the Warzone Specialist bonus is predicated on giving players more perks. Perks give players bonuses in-game, like the power to remain hidden on radar or extra damage resistance against explosives, among an inventory of others.

For Every two kills that a player gets, the player gets a perk, this goes up to 6 kills and three perks. All kills must be obtained without dying, and are contracted by Search and Destroy players for that reason.

This provides the user an enormous advantage over his opponents during gunfights. So as to induce the Specialist bonus in Warzone, you wish to search out all three keycards hidden throughout the stadium: P216, EL21, CL19.

The Warzone Specialist bonus is found within the first Safety lockbox, among bonuses like Stopping Power. With all three deposit boxes opened, players gain a large advantage in Warzone, which many will fight for in each match. However, Nakatomi Plaza won’t be permanent, so players should act as soon as possible.

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