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The Sykov full-auto pistol has lastly been added to Warzone and Modern Warfare, so right here’s how you can unlock and finest loadouts this highly effective new sidearm.

skyov stats
WEAPON TYPE Secondary Weapon
HOW TO UNLOCK Get four Kills using Handguns in five different matches

how to unlock Sykov in Warzone:

The Sykov Pistol is easy to unlock in Modern Warfare and Warzone, you need to get 3 kills in 5 different matches using the Mo’Money perk with the Sykov.
To do that as shortly as attainable, we suggest dropping into Plunder to take benefit of the respawns or head right into a Rebirth Island match the place the probabilities of coming into a close-quarters gunfight are a lot greater.

NICKMERCS sykov pistol loadout warzone

FaZe Clan YouTuber and streamer NICKMERCS has unveiled his Sykov pistol class for Call of Duty: Warzone, because the not too long ago added pistol continues to show controversially sturdy.

Muzzle Monolithic Suppressor
Barrel Sorokin 140mm Auto
Ammunition 80 Round Drums
Laser 5mW laser
Stock PP-Karabin


nickmercs sykov
nickmercs sykov class

Best Sykov loadout in Warzone

skyov class
best skyov pistol class
Muzzle Monolithic Suppressor
Barrel Sorokin 140mm Auto
Ammunition 80 Round Drums
Laser tac laser
Perk Akimbo

jgod sykov pistol loadout warzone

For the first time, we published the sykov class on warzonei

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skyov jgod
skyov jgod class
Muzzle Monolithic Suppressor
Barrel Sorokin 140mm Auto
Ammunition 80 Round Drums
Laser smw laser
Perk Akimbo

For any engagement previous round 10 metres or so, the akimbo Sykovs develop into fairly ineffective. So that you’ll probably need to pair this with a mid to long-range assault rifle or tactical rifle as a major weapon. For some inspiration, try our best M16 Warzone loadout and our best aug Warzone loadout.


Best perks to run with Warzone’s Sykov

Warzone overkill perk
  • Perk 1: E.O.D
  • Perk 2: Ghost
  • Perk 3: Amped

You’ll spend loads of time in enemies’ faces whereas utilizing the Sykov, which implies you’re in prime range to get taken out by explosives. Working E.O.D perk will tremendously scale back explosive damage, that means you possibly can run by a bombardment of explosives to safe the kill.

The Sykov Pistol is a secondary weapon, so that you don’t want Overkill to mix it with a primary weapon. Ghost will cover you from the minimap and Heartbeat Sensors, which is invaluable in Warzone.

As you’ll only be utilizing these pistols when preventing up shut, you’ll have to run a weapon for medium-long range. Amped will permit you to quickly change your weapons, getting the best gun out for any scenario.


Best FARA 83 loadout in Warzone and cold war

Easy methods to Get the Monviso Sykov Blueprint

The Monviso Sykov Blueprint is accessible as half of the brand new Sparks Operator Bundle obtainable within the COD Store. The bundle is accessible for two,400 COD Points, and might be outfitted in each Warzone and Modern Warfare Multiplayer.

The Bundle additionally consists of the next add-ons:

  • Mirka Sparks Skin
  • Frozen Waste Marksman Rifle Blueprint
  • Traversette Vehicle Skin
  • True North charm
  • Axing for Trouble finishing move
  • The Tracker calling card
  • Expedition Emblem
  • Out Cold spray
  • Wall Hanger Sparks Quip


how to unlock the sykov in warzone?

Get 4 kills while using Pistols in 5 different matches.

what is Best Sykov loadout in warzone?

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor Barrel: Sorokin 140mm Auto Ammunition: 80 Round Drums Laser: tac laser Perk: Akimbo

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