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20 best tips to win in the Gulag warzone + video

how to win in gulag

How the Call of Duty Warzone Gulag works and find out how to maximise your probabilities of redeploying

The Call of Duty Warzone gulag is a really distinctive mechanic not seen in every other battle royale, and it is one of a couple of features that assist set Call of Duty Warzone other than the competitors. It permits gamers to respawn after demise if they will win a 1v1 struggle (sorry Rust, your time has been and gone), so it may be a saving grace if you wish to dish out some revenge to your earlier killers. Listed here are some Name of Responsibility Warzone gulag suggestions and an explainer for the way it works.

Call of Duty: Warzone, the title’s second effort at a battle royale in as a few years, has been hitting but extra milestones of late. With thousands and thousands of gamers dropping in daily, it’s within the higher echelons of the most well-liked video games on the planet.

One key, modern side of Warzone is the flexibility to play a 1v1 Gulag when you’ve died, giving gamers a one-off alternative to drop again into the sport. This has been broadly praised when in comparison with different BRs, like Fortnite’s reboot card or Apex Legends’ banners.

How the Call of Duty Warzone Gulag works

So you have been killed in battle royale. Sucks, proper? Often it could, however in Warzone, you will have a second probability to enter the fray. You will be thrown into the Gulag; initially as a spectator so you’ll be able to fist struggle different individuals watching from the rafters, however earlier than lengthy, you may be pitted in opposition to one other unfortunate sod in a 1v1 match.

You will each be given the identical loadout and basically, the winner will get to redeploy. It is a mini sport of Gunfight; 15 seconds on the clock, one life, or seize the central flag when it seems. If you happen to win, you may be thrown into the map skydiving from the clouds at a random location throughout the protected zone. You aren’t getting one other shot on the Gulag although, so be sure to do not die once more.

New Trick win gulag in 2021

warzonei has give you a intelligent tactic to safe victories within the Gulag, whereas catching your enemies unexpectedly.

eddit person bloodcorona posted a clip within the CoD: Warzone subreddit, through which he showcased a enjoyable little technique to catch your enemies unexpectedly. “No person ever expects you to leap on the signal,” wrote the participant.

Cheeky gulag strategy. Nobody ever expects you to jump on the sign. from r/CODWarzone

This technique primarily consists of leaping onto an indication from an elevated place after which ending off your opponent with a single shot or knife throw. The Reddit person confirmed numerous cases of this working nicely within the brief clip.

Via this, they had been in a position to rating fast and simple kills in opposition to enemies that had been tenting whereas additionally securing Gulag victories in some cases. Many different gamers expressed their admiration for this within the feedback.

Call of Duty Warzone Gulag tips

We have fought within the Gulag a couple of instances now, so here is some suggestions for succeeding:

Adapt your playstyle to the gun you have been given

Spawned with a shotgun? Do not sit again and attempt to decide them off. Obtained an assault rifle? Watch your corners and aim down the sights.

Use your grenades

Since it is a one-kill-game, lobbing a stun at somebody then speeding them can usually show fruitful. Simply be sure to even have a stun, as a result of hitting them within the face with a smoke grenade is not going to assist… a lot.

Capture the flag

It sounds apparent, however after the 15 seconds are up and the flag seems, you may be stunned at how rapidly you’ll be able to seize it. It takes only a second or two so even when your foe sees you leap on to it, likelihood is you may seize it earlier than they will truly kill you as a result of it is so fast.

Know your weapon and mess around it

There had been a lot of discuss round growing the weapon pool gamers can draw from within the Gulag, with some even suggesting customized loadouts needs to be enabled. Nevertheless, following a latest Warzone replace, there may be now a rotating pool of weapons to get used to. Every week the obtainable weapons shall be cycled out and there are 4 distinctive units in whole. These can present weapons from each Trendy Warfare and Black Ops Cold War. One week might function SMGs whereas one other limits you to pistols. You’ll have to be nicely rounded to remain on high of the weekly rotation.

If you happen to’ve bought an Assault Rifle just like the Krig 6Kilo 141, or M13, it is possible for you to to make quick work of your opponents do you have to get the primary few bullets in. The important thing with correct Assault Rifles akin to these is to take benefit of the Gulag’s lines-of-sight and to pre-aim corners the place your opponent is more likely to seem. This implies utilizing ‘headglitches’ on the Nuketown revamp, mantling to awkward angles within the showers, you identify it. Something you are able to do to take a novel angle.

If you happen to spawn in with an SMG such because the MP5 or Striker 45, you’ll have the ability to rise up shut and private and catch your opponent off guard with the brand new aggressive loadouts and their excessive hearth fee potential. Whereas these weapons may also swimsuit slower medium vary fights, the excessive mobility they provide can usually end in a fast struggle.

Some weeks may function pistols and shotguns as your instruments for the job. If you happen to’re caught with close-range weapons such because the 725 or the Model 680, one shot is all it’s possible you’ll want to shut out your duel. You’ll must get in shut, nonetheless, so flanking is very really helpful. If you happen to’re left with a extra generic pistol such because the 1911 handgun, you’ll be able to pepper your opponent from afar. Simply be cautious in pistol rounds with the .357 as one or two photographs from afar could be greater than sufficient to wipe you out.

Moreover, Marksman and Tactical Rifles have additionally featured within the Gulag on occasion. Throughout these situations, you’ll need to play somewhat patiently. With a Kar98k or an AUG in hand, you’ll be able to deal deadly harm in a single or two hits. Time your photographs and prioritize accuracy over all else.

Lastly, different weapons with vital recoil such because the AK-47 can require you to deal with controlling the weapon nicely by burst firing, significantly in some of the longer-range Gulag gunfights. You’re higher off enjoying slowly with weapons like these as nicely, pre-aiming and ready to your opponent to maneuver first.

Keep on with the sides of the Gulag

Each Gulag maps are comparatively small. Because you’re in a 1v1, it’d be no good having an infinite battleground to play cover and search on.  This implies it may be very simple to be caught off guard. One incorrect flip on the incorrect time and you may make your self a straightforward goal. One of one of the best methods to work round that is to stay to the sides of both Gulag. Ideally, along with your again in opposition to a wall.

It will maintain your field-of-view (FOV) as vast as potential, negating any flanks. The picture beneath reveals the quantity of the map you’ll be able to see if you maintain your again to the wall, and are sat in a notch on the map’s facet.

Evaluate this to the FOV from the center of the map, the place you’ll even be weak to fast flanks and getting shot within the again.

The identical logic applies on the revamped model of Nuketown. Whereas autos within the middle will impede your view, sticking to the perimeters provides you with a wider view of the map than simply strolling straight ahead. Hold your again in opposition to a wall and attempt to spot out your opponent as they’re pushing up.

Positive, most Gulags are determined by weapons and gun ability. However, you get gear along with your loadout, so why would you not use it? This requires some selective utilization in your behalf. For instance, in case you’ve no thought the place your enemy is, don’t simply waste your stun or frag by throwing it blindly.


If you happen to’re pre-aiming a method, block an alternate angle by throwing your tactical. If you happen to make an enemy weak they usually again off spherical a nook, don’t be afraid to make use of your C4 or Semtex to attempt to end them off.

 Be ready to go for the target

If you happen to haven’t killed your opponent after the 15-second timer runs out, the Gulag is determined by who captures the flag. This seems within the very middle of each maps each time round. If neither participant captures the flag throughout the time restrict, whoever has extra well being wins.

Nevertheless, you must know that touching the flag immediately regenerates your well being to full. This provides additional incentive for gamers to attempt to declare it. Capturing the flag is fairly simple and occurs in a short time, however you allow your self weak from a number of angles. A wonderful choice is to carry on to a deadly or tactical. You need to use it to cowl your again if you’re capturing.

Keep watch over the timer all through the spherical. If you happen to get on the flag earlier than your opponent, your probabilities of successful are immediately maximized. So much of gamers neglect this and are left scrambling for mid-map management when the timer runs out.


Our fifth and ultimate tip is to get inventive, and don’t be afraid to shake issues up. An excellent instance is that this big-brain Warzone trick, which entails spraying an enemy define on the wall behind you. This can be utilized to attract enemies’ consideration, permitting you to simply ambush them.

One other nice instance is to spray enemies with vivid paint previous to the Gulag. It will make them much more seen within the largely black and white Gulag setting. A difficulty with that is that you simply don’t know which enemy you’re set to face. You may need to work rapidly and spray as many as you could find.

The ultimate instance of getting inventive pertains to being in matches with pleasant gamers. Assuming your entire workforce has simply been wiped, there’s a superb probability you’ll find yourself in the identical Gulag. Get one teammate on the balcony to call out your enemy’s location, or you’ll be able to return the favor for them. This works within the showers and with teammates overhead on the Nuketown variant as nicely.

Both approach, pleasant callouts can provide the edge in any Gulag scenario. Additionally they help you anticipate your opponent’s motion earlier than they’re seen.

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