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As frustration levels rise up since people can’t get into the game, everybody becomes anxious about Call of Duty Warzone servers being down.

So, here’s what we know about the current state of the server.

When players can’t get into Warzone servers, they get  annoyed, leading to a single yet important question forming up in their minds: “Are the servers down?”

Call of Duty’s hugely successful and popular BR – Warzone – managed to attract quite the fan base since its release back in 2020. During this period, the servers have been swamped with millions of ecstatic shooters on a daily basis, causing the occasional server shutdowns and lags.

However, with such a mind-blowing mass of crazy killers, the only thing that can top the excitement is the frustration when the servers go down. Usually, after such unfortunate times, players look through the web to see whether others are experiencing the same thing or not.

Ergo, here’s the latest sitrep (get it?) on the current status of Call of Duty Warzone servers.

Official Warzone Website To The Rescue

Despite numerous reports, the official Call of Duty Warzone website has announced that there’s nothing wrong with the servers and that they’re working like a clock.

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The website is intended for real-life 24/7 updates on the servers’ statuses, helping out pissed-off players. It alerts users if an issue with any server surface, like a Warzone server shutting down.

The Official Twitter Announcements

Activision Support Twitter Account is another platform for those who want to check out the current server situation.

This social media page informs players on even the slightest problems regarding the server, keeping everybody posted and updated with the latest changes. Hence, if you find yourself wondering about the Warzone servers, just follow them, hit the notification button, and get notes on server-fixing progress.

Stay Tuned With Us For New Updates

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