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warzone & cold war weapon mid season 4 patch note

weapon season 4 m nerf or buff

The mid-season update launches today; Raven again has made numerous changes to assault rifles. Both Cold war and Modern warfare guns, but mostly meta BOCW guns, have been nerfed.

This new update includes primarily nerfs for BOCW guns and, again, poor Cr-AMAX. Some guns, such as C58, also has been nerfed. This update has the most changes among all other updates. It wasn’t a seasonal update, but weirdly it made at least four changes for at least 80 percent of guns.

This update mainly focused on LMG class and assault rifles, even the Amax, which is not so beloved gun and seen some nerfs in previous updates, also with this update experienced again more nerfs. I think Raven doesn’t like this gun so much.

And some others like Krig6, M13, Grau, and QBZ will be the new meta in the second half of the fourth season. So the Raven, instead of reducing the popularity of MODERN WARFARE Guns, tried to make forgotten guns again valid.

As you need to know the best guns after this update, we prepared the list of buff and nerfs here. Also, the changes of each weapon are listed below.

So you can find out each gun how exactly nerfed or buffed to know how you should set the attachments.

The list below explained each gun change.

 warzone weapon season 4 mid-season update patch notes:

Assault Rifles

Light Machine Guns

Sniper Rifles

Submachine Guns

Tactical Rifles


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